Sculpting Change
a tribute to the end of silenced screams
This sculpture was created for Jane, in 2002, by an adult survivor of child abuse. Please read the words of the artist below: 

"I first met Jane in the fall of 2001 at another author's book signing. It quickly became clear to me that Jane had a heart for the children and had dedicated her life to fighting to protect them from their abusers as well as from the system that far too often fails to protect them. What I was yet to discover was how deeply she was committed to her fight and the lengths to which she was willing to go in order to fulfill her mission.

Growing in my relationship with Jane has been quite an awakening for me. I've come to realize that one person truly can make a difference in the lives of many frightened and broken children, and that the actions of one person can inspire those around them to step up and make a difference as well. Knowing Jane has been an incredible inspiration to me and I'm pleased to have had the honor.

Therefore, I created this sculpture to depict a representation of Jane... the kneeling symbolizes her humble, gentle, and caring spirit; the pedastal on which she kneels symbolizes her lifting the child up and out of harm's way; and the cradling of the child in her arms symbolizes her willingness to protect the child with her own life.

The sculpture is a gift of appreciation for Jane, in honor of her heart for the children, and it is dedicated to each and every child whose silent screams will no longer go unheard simply because she is willing to be their voice."

- Dakota R. Wainio, 2004